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Focus on your book. Amidst upheaval and uncertainty,
you still have a story to tell.
Gift yourself time and editorial support.

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Your rebirth begins in...
Rebirth Your Book Virtual Writing Retreat 2022 Rediscover your novel or memoir and your desire for the page.
Personal Editorial Feedback & Coaching
An intimate, focused group
A revival of your creative self
"...watching Allison edit a piece on the screen in real time was nothing short of magic.
The four of us found the experience exhilarating, transformative, exhausting—and gobsmacking."

Heidi Croot

The Rebirth Difference

Five focused days with editorial guidance, accountability, and a concrete finish-your-book plan.
Your Own Safe Location

Virtual Retreat

5 days/4 nights

August 15th-19th 2022
10am-3pm Eastern (most days)

Personal Guidance

Allison K Williams, "The Unkind Editor" provides editorial feedback & coaching throughout the week

Virtual Retreat

Your Guide

Allison K Williams "The Unkind Editor"
photo of Allison K Williams

Allison K Williams is the author of the writer's guides Seven Drafts: Self-Edit Like a Pro From Blank Page to Book, Seven Bridges: Platform for Authors Who'd Rather Be Writing (forthcoming) and Get Published in Literary Magazines.

She has edited and coached writers to deals with Penguin Random House, Knopf, Mantle, Spencer Hill, St. Martin’s and independent presses. She’s guided essayists to publication in the New Yorker, Time, the Guardian, the New York Times, McSweeney’s and TED Talks. As Social Media Editor for Brevity, she inspires thousands of writers with blogs on craft and the writing life.

A former circus performer, Allison has written for NPR, CBC, the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, Creative Nonfiction, McSweeney’s, Kenyon Review Online and Travelers’ Tales. Her plays, including Hamlette, Mmmbeth, The Next Horseman, and the London Fringe Best of Fringe Winner TRUE STORY, have been produced worldwide.

Write Where You Are

A Virtual Intensive

Join from any quiet, focused location with internet access. Craft lessons, Live-editing, Publishing & Craft seminars and social time happen via Zoom.

Write, revise, write again. We'll send a Do Not Disturb sign for your door.

All teaching sessions are recorded for you to review or refresh in the 30 days after the retreat.


If Time & Resources Allow

Add Your Own Retreat Location
Airbnb Your own place
Expedia local hotel deals
VRBO Farther Afield
Rediscover Your Writing Self Stay in safety and comfort.
Connect with fellow writers.
A week of focused work pointing the way to final draft.

Understand The Experience

From idea to novel | proposal to memoir.
Lone Author to Literary Citizen

Your pre-retreat manuscript evaluation includes supportive, specific, written critique of up to 50 pages (plus your synopsis or chapter summaries), a coaching session, and a customized work plan for your retreat.

Our time together includes daily craft lessons, personalized publishing seminars and live-editing.

A post-retreat work plan, feedback on an additional 25 pages and follow-up coaching session help you sustain momentum in the weeks to come.

To give the personal coaching and specific editorial feedback your manuscript needs before, during and after the retreat, participation is limited to six writers.

Morning sessions include daily Live-Editing: writers' pages are shared on the screen while Allison talks through strengthening the work. We'll use individual needs as jumping-off points for craft lessons and in-class writing. Each writer receives an hour of focused discussion and a half-hour later in the week to discuss revisions.

Unlike a "workshop," this process doesn't include critiquing each other's work in advance. Your classmates will encounter your draft as a reader would, focusing on the words at hand without preconceptions.

Live-editing commentary will be directed to all participants; even when your pages aren't the focus, you'll get specific commentary to apply to your work every day.

Afternoon publishing seminars may include Query & Synopsis Writing, Querying Strategies, Creating Standalone Essays from Your Book, Submission Packages, Pitching, Platform and more. Specific topics will be chosen in advance, based on your needs.

Focused time and a committment to "show up" helps you plow through pages.

Direct, specific feedback helps you write better.

Rebirth Your Book combines writing craft and publishing strategy with personal editorial assistance.You'll emerge from this week with a plan to bring your work into the world.

Pre-arrival session with editorial feedback and your work plan for the retreat.

Scheduled one-on-one time to discuss your draft-in-progress and writing goals. Critique relevant to your specific work, every day of the retreat.

Follow-up coaching session to sustain your writing momentum after the retreat.

The Virtual Retreat happens in your place of safety. Your pre-retreat package gives tips for creating a calm, supportive writing environment.

Your Itinerary

This Week You'll Finish A Draft
Chapter 1: Welcome to the Retreat August 15th 2022 —All Times USA Eastern
Cafe time Zoom room open for casual chat
Live Editing & Craft Lessons Focus on two manuscripts; commentary for all
Lunch Zoom room open for casual chat
Publishing or Craft Seminar Subject TBA based on participating writers' needs
Closing Words 3PM End of Day
Chapter 2: And So It Begins August 16th 2022 —All Times USA Eastern
Cafe time Zoom room open for casual chat
Live Editing & Craft Lessons Focus on two manuscripts; commentary for all
Lunch Zoom room open for casual chat
Publishing or Craft Seminar Subject TBA based on participating writers' needs
Closing Words 3PM End of Day
Chapter 3: The Write Way August 17th 2022 —All Times USA Eastern
Cafe time Zoom room open for casual chat
Live Editing & Craft Lessons Focus on two manuscripts; commentary for all
End of Day Take time to revise
Chapter 4: Word by Word August 18th 2022 —All Times USA Eastern
Cafe time Zoom room open for casual chat
Live Editing & Craft Lessons Focus on revisions & new work
Lunch Zoom room open for casual chat
Publishing or Craft Seminar Subject TBA based on participating writers' needs
Closing Words 3PM End of Day
Chapter 5: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow August 19th 2022 —All Times USA Eastern
Cafe time Zoom room open for casual chat
Live Editing & Craft Lessons Focus on revisions & new work
Tea Break Zoom room open for casual chat
Moving Forward Planning the Work to Come
Closing Words Short Readings & Goodbyes | 2PM End of Day
Return to your life...
...and write some more! (or take a day off)
Special Package
$ 2195

payment plans available
$100 discount for cheque/Venmo/Zelle/e-transfer

  • Editorial feedback on 75 pages+ $900+
  • Pre-arrival coaching: $195
  • Daily Live-editing sessions: $750
  • Daily publishing & craft seminars $400
  • Follow-up coaching $195
  • Query Letter& Synopsis review: $200
  • RETREAT VALUE: $2640

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have a few

Joining the Retreat

it starts with one email

Contact Us

You should be working on a book.

It can be a novel, a memoir or an essay collection. It can be an idea, an outline or proposal, a partial manuscript, or a draft that isn't singing yet.

  • You're ready for direct and specific feedback about your work.
  • You're writing in English, because Allison isn't fluent enough to edit in any other language.
  • You DON'T need a degree in writing (or anything else!).
  • You DON'T need previous publication credits.

You're not critiquing others' work in advance, so the experience level of your fellow writers isn't a big factor in your retreat. Live-editing commentary will be pitched to each writer's needs.

No problem! Your pages for feedback can be part of a book, a series of essays, or an idea and notes.

If you're working on a book, Allison will look at your synopsis and (proposed) chapter summaries with your pages.

If you're starting from an idea, or exploring your writing life, we'll use your pre-arrival coaching to set goals for your time. In that case, Live-editing will focus on your work-in-progress, and you can choose to submit your entire 75 pages for editorial feedback after the retreat.

Allison will help you strategize around children, partners and pets. If resources allow, consider a local hotel or Airbnb.

Your Time & Tech

log in and get writing

Your own computer and internet connection.

Our first day includes a brief Zoom orientation. Our group is small enough that it will be easy to communicate and ask questions in the moment.

We do ask that you please remain on camera during sessions unless you need a break; Allison teaches better when she can see questions in your body language (no makeup or real pants required!).

If you have accessibility concerns, let us know. We'll work with whatever technology you need to make the virtual retreat work for you.

Allison has worked with writers who are d/Deaf, hearing-impaired, blind, visually-impaired, neuro-atypical and with physical disabilities. She wants to work with you—let's discuss how to make it an excellent experience.

You're responsible for your own food throughout the retreat. We'll have scheduled coffee-and-chat times, and you're always fine to snack on/off camera during Zoom chats.

Retreat Days

write, relax, write some more

Allison shares a writer's pages on the Zoom screen, then edits the pages, talking through the suggestions and ideas as she goes. We discuss the writing together, with Allison also giving specific examples for each writer to apply particular feedback to their own work.

Live-editing feels intense, but having the group give your words their complete intention is a powerful experience.

You'll receive your edited pages, with comments and Track Changes, immediately after the session. Live-editing sessions are recorded for you to refresh or review the feedback for 30 days after the retreat.

Nope. You won't be reading group members' work in advance and noting points for discussion, nor will you give any written critique. In our Live-editing sessions, writers will approach each others' work as readers do: for the first time.

You'll receive feedback on up to 50 pages before the retreat, plus your synopsis or chapter summaries if desired. After the retreat, you'll receive feedback on another 25 pages of revisions or new work.

In your pre-retreat coaching session, we'll discuss your concept, voice, story, character and craft, as well as what you want to accomplish during the retreat, and set out a specific Work Plan. If you're at an early stage and don't have a lot of pages, we'll focus on your idea, purpose and process.

During the retreat, we'll all discuss our works-in-progress and publication goals. Publishing and craft seminars will include query & synopsis feedback and writing career advice.

After returning home, you'll have another 30-minute editorial call to check in and address questions or new challenges as you finish your draft.

To give each writer the individual and specific attention their manuscript needs, your cohort is limited to six people plus Allison.

Booking & Payment

let's work with your budget

Contact Us

Rebirth Your Book accepts Venmo, Zelle, Canadian e-transfers, US checks, PayPal and credit cards via PayPal. There is a $100 discount for payments made without fees. Payments can be made as follows:

  • $500 Deposit on acceptance to reserve your place
  • $550 Payment 60 days prior to start date
  • $550 Payment 30 days prior to start date
  • $595 Balance due 30 days after the retreat

Or talk to us about a plan that works for you.

Rebirth Your Book/Rebirth Your Writing participates in AWP's Kurt Brown Prize, which awards $500 each year to emerging writers in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction who wish to attend a writers’ conference, center, retreat, festival, or residency. Winners and six finalists also receive a one-year individual membership in AWP. For more information, visit the AWP website.

Before You Arrive:

  • Editorial feedback on 50 pages plus your synopsis or chapter summaries (a $900+ value!).
  • Initial coaching session to discuss your work and goals for your Rebirth Your Book time, and answer any questions.

During the Retreat:

  • Live-editing time focused on 10-20 pages of your manuscript
  • Live-editing time focused on 10-20 pages of revisions
  • Four craft or publishing seminars, tailored to the writers' needs & interests
  • Daily commentary on your work and craft, with short exercises

Returning Home:

  • Work plan to finish your draft.
  • Editorial feedback on an additional 25 pages.
  • Follow-up coaching session 2-4 weeks after returning, to sustain and support your writing momentum.

  • Your daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Travel and accommodations
  • Access to Allison after 3PM Eastern Time

If you are unable to attend and we can fill your place from the waitlist, we will refund your tuition on a pro rata basis:

If you have not submitted your manuscript:
you may apply your $500 deposit to another Rebirth Your Book retreat, and you will be refunded any additional payments.

If your initial manuscript read has taken place and you have paid at least $1450:
we will still schedule your two coaching sessions and Work Plan, and you will be refunded payments over $1450. It may be possible to apply your $500 deposit to another retreat on a case-by-case basis.

If we can’t fill your place:
we’ll provide you with documentation to support a claim to your travel insurance provider, but any payments made are nonrefundable. If you have paid at least $1450, you will still receive your manuscript read and coaching sessions.

Refunds will be sent within 30 days of receipt of notice of cancellation.

Rebirth Your Book reserves the right to cancel the retreat in the event of civil unrest, natural disaster or Act of God. In the event of cancellation of the retreat in its entirety, you will receive a full refund of any fees paid. You agree to release Rebirth Your Book and its agents and/or representatives from any liability, including consequential expenses you may have incurred in planning to attend. We will provide you with documentation to support a claim to your travel insurance provider for flights and other expenses not paid to Rebirth Your Book.

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